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Oncology is the branch of medicine dedicated to cancer diagnosis and treatment. As a patient at Oncocare, you will have most of your treatment at one of our practices in Durban, Umhlanga or Hillcrest. We tailor your care to your specific needs, depending on the type of cancer you have.

Specialist Oncologists

Our team is geared to inspire hope and courage, provide empathy and offer holistic, state-of-the-art care. We work with our patients and their loved ones to ensure they understand their treatment and are supported every step of the way in their cancer journey. We subscribe to the adage, ‘Where hope grows, Miracles blossom’.

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Our team is passionate about offering a personalised and professional service. While the discipline of oncology is indeed a challenging one, we consider ourselves blessed to be able to touch the lives of so many special people on a daily basis. The Oncocare family grows every time a new patient enters our practice.


Drs Callaghan, Marais, Narsai and Associates Inc. started in 2002 as a solo practice, Dr Rory Callaghan Inc. Dr Callaghan was already an established Oncologist at the time and built a strong practice on the foundations of solid academic knowledge and personal care. He was joined by an Associate, Dr Ingrid Craig for a few years, to share the load. Then he took a leap of faith with fellow Oncologist, Dr Landers to set up The Oncology Centre in 2009. The independent, comprehensive cancer centre was a first for KZN with two Oncology practices, radiotherapy unit, chemotherapy suites, Diagnostic Radiology department and laboratory service. In 2011, Dr Callaghan invited Dr Marais from Grey’s Hospital to join the practice. This set the tone for gradual expansion by hand-selecting Oncologists to join the practice. Modelled on the Durban rooms, The Umhlanga Oncology Centre was built in 2012. This expansion brought Dr Narsai into the practice in 2013, followed shortly by

Dr Maxwell, who brought a wealth of experience with her. Dr David joined the practice in 2015, bolstering the medical care that is offered at the Practice. Most recently, Dr Govender continued the growth in doctor numbers to meet the demands of ever-increasing patient numbers. After six years of nurturing a satellite clinic in Hillcrest, the Practice opened full-time rooms in Hillcrest in 2017. This is in an effort remain community-based Oncologists that truly meet the needs of the communities that we live in. Gradual changes to the name marked the growth of the practice. It is now formally called Drs Callaghan, Marais, Narsai and Associates Inc. The Practice is on a rebranding drive to be known in the community as Oncocare – Specialist Oncologists. The name encompasses the values of the Practice while announcing the growth of its members.


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